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Sliding mosaic theme for a logo reveal wit tag line

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Name Seconds Type Description Preview
3d logo rotation 9 Logo Reveal 3D spinning logo
Abstract Boom 32 Logo Reveal Text over abstract and brightly colored images reveal logo

Action Promo 17 Logo Reveal Racing motif logo reveal
Armored 7 Logo Reveal 3D looking Logo/Text on steel background
Backlit Logo and Text 35 Logo Reveal Loop includes logo and text options which are backlit
Big Bang 15 Logo Reveal Two comets collide to reveal logo
Black & White Presentation 45 Logo Reveal Multiple text and photo blocks with upbeat music reveal your logo. Entire template is in black and white for a very clean look.
Blast Logo Zoom 5 Logo Reveal Logo appears from a multicolored explosion on a black background
Blocks Logo 18 Logo Reveal Blocks forming logo with outer space background. Includes sound
Bokeh Logo 16 Logo Reveal Logo reveal over dancing lights with sound and text box
Bokeh Reveal Logo 11 Logo Reveal Logo revealed over dancing light beams with sound and text box
Boxes Logo 8 Logo Reveal Boxes form your logo over light background
Bright Clouds 10 Logo Reveal Logo reveal across a blue sky with clouds. Includes  text and sound.
Burn the logo 7 Logo Reveal Logo assembles and disassembles from flame like pieces.  Includes sound
Carbon 11 Logo Reveal Logo reveal over dark background
Cinematic Logo 9 Logo Reveal Cinematic style logo on dark background with sound
Cinematic Logo One 10 Logo Reveal Burning logo over lava with sound effects
Circle Logo 8 Logo Reveal Rings and circles with your logo
Circle Logo Blast 8 Logo Reveal Circle logo with fire ring.
Circle Logo Military 12 Logo Reveal Circular logo reveal with military style theme and sound
Circle Logo One 8 Logo Reveal spinning circles reveal logo on blue background with sound effects
Circles-reveal 10 Logo Reveal Series of circles reveal logo
Classic Logo Opener 9 Logo Reveal dancing logo on dark background
Construction 17 Logo Reveal 3D Logo reveal with music.
Cosmic Streak 15 Logo Reveal Ball of light with multicolored streaks of light reveal logo
Dense Reveal 6 Logo Reveal Logo over dark background
Digital Media Formation 13 Logo Reveal Multiple media spots fly together to coalesce and revel logo 
Digital Rotation Logo 20 Logo Reveal Rotate text and image to reveal logo
digital-text-formation 13 Logo Reveal Many text blocks over a bright blue laser motif reveal a logo

Dreamy Logo 8 Logo Reveal Dreamy background for logo with sound
Earth Logo 14 Logo Reveal Logo wraps around earth with sound
Elegant 10 Logo Reveal Logo on light blue background
Elegant intro 12 Logo Reveal 3D looking logo on dark background
Evolution 16 Logo Reveal Logo revel on light background
Explosion Reveler 10 Logo Reveal Fire and explosions reveal logo with text
Flashblub 20 Logo Reveal Nine text spots amongst flashbulbs
Floating Photos 35 Logo Reveal Multiple Text Boxes with photos floating
Flying pieces 10 Logo Reveal Pieces of logo fly together in an underwater scene
Glass Shatter 11 Logo Reveal Logo revel against a black background with back lit glass shattering
Gold Logo 11 Logo Reveal Logo over gold background
Grunge 12 Logo Reveal Logo over dark background with music and textbox
Heavy assault 27 Logo Reveal Text block on a black background with outer space motif and bright lights.
Hot Logo Reveal 5 Logo Reveal Logo reveal  with sound
Icewalker Logo 13 Logo Reveal Logo flying over Ice
Ink Logo 11 Logo Reveal Logo dripping ink with sound and single text box
Large Dots Logo 11 Logo Reveal Large dots form to reveal logo with text box
Logo Bright 8 Logo Reveal Logo and text with a mirror effect
Logo Domination 14 Logo Reveal Logo with four text boxes and sound
Logo Drop 15 Logo Reveal Two versions (light and dark) of liquid drop exposing logo
Logo exp 13 Logo Reveal Exploding logo with fireworks
Logo Formation 14 Logo Reveal Logo reveal on blue background with text and sound
Logo Impact 6 Logo Reveal Logo in 3D dropping on dry earth and raising dust
Logo Implosion 17 Logo Reveal Logo rendered from fireworks with text
Logo Instar 9 Logo Reveal Logo with sound
Logo Intro 11 Logo Reveal Logo with mirroring and lighting effects with sound
Logo Pieces 2 8 Logo Reveal Logo Pieces over bright lights with sound
Logo Pieces 3 10 Logo Reveal Flying logo pieces assemble on a light background.
Logo Pieces Clean 12 Logo Reveal Professional and clean example of logo pieces assembling on gray background
Logo Pieces Over Light 12 Logo Reveal logo pieces assembly over light background
Logo Reveal Glitch 7 Logo Reveal Logo revealed from behind with sound.  Includes a single text box
Logo Reveal Shatter 8 Logo Reveal Shatter logo on black background.  Single image (logo) no text block.
Logo Slices 12 Logo Reveal Logo sliced and re-assembled on a multicolored background with sound and text
Logo transition 10 Logo Reveal Fading text and logo with sound
Momentum 14 Logo Reveal Logo and text with lighting effects
Moon / planet Logo 12 Logo Reveal Logo flying around a moon/planet
Orbs Logo 10 Logo Reveal series of orbs reveal logo and tagline
particle explosion elegance 10 Logo Reveal Logo reveals from an explosion with piano soundtrack. 
Revolution 12 Logo Reveal Logo reveals against light background
Rotative Media 17 Logo Reveal Logo reveal with floating pictures of professional people.
Sensations 11 Logo Reveal Logo reveal with effects on light background
Shattered 14 Logo Reveal Shattered logo comes together on light background
Slides Dark Logo 10 Logo Reveal Black and white motif with several media slots that roll down to show logo
Sliding Mosaic 42 Logo Reveal Sliding mosaic theme for a logo reveal wit tag line
Social Networks Intro 32 Logo Reveal Exhort viewers to connect with you on all common social media channels (inlcudes logos for social media channels) and includes additional text box
Spark 12 Logo Reveal Logo and sparks
Spiral Dark Logo 8 Logo Reveal Rotating circles moving vertically reveal logo

Spiral Logo 12 Logo Reveal Logo appears from a pastel colored spiral with pastel background and sound
Sport Intro 9 Logo Reveal Motor sports theme with text boxes reveal your logo
Sport opener 15 Logo Reveal Series of auto racing shots reveal your logo
Squares Reveal 10 Logo Reveal Picture disappears thru a series of squares to reveal logo
Storm Lighting Logo 10 Logo Reveal Logo reveal through a thunderstorm with lighting effects and sound
Strategic Logo 13 Logo Reveal Logo reveal thru blue and white colored circles 
Stylish Orbs Evolution 38 Logo Reveal Orbs reveal video with superimposed text blocks ending with a logo reveal
Sweeping Logo 10 Logo Reveal Sweeping blue ribbon reveals logo
Teleport Logo 13 Logo Reveal Bright orange  stacking rings surrounding logo on black background
Triangles Reveal 10 Logo Reveal Series of triangles fade to black to reveal logo on black background
Union 10 Logo Reveal Beams of light collide to create logo against dark background
Video Blocks 17 Logo Reveal Raised logo on dark background with sound.
Vintage 7 Logo Reveal A vintage look to showcase your logo
Wall collapse 7 Logo Reveal Logo revel from a wall collapse
Wall Zoom 10 Logo Reveal Picture wall dissolves to reveal logo
Whirlwind 15 Logo Reveal Logo revel with lighting effects and a dark background
Whiteout 31 Logo Reveal Logo reveal thru snow
Wormhole Logo Reveal 12 Logo Reveal Logo reveals as you travel through a wormhole.